Education About Asia

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers: A Game for Exploring Asian Cultures

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A criminal mastermind known as the FOX has been stealing important cultural landmarks and objects all across Asia. Searches for him have proven fruitless since his identity is a mystery. What the FOX doesn’t know is that teen bloggers from four Asian countries have teamed up to bring him to justice. Meet the League of Extraordinary Bloggers, AKA the LXB!

You are Agent X, honorary fifth member of the LXB. You will be helping the fab four track down the FOX. Fly to each LXB member’s home country to investigate clues left behind by the Fox.

Think you can help crack this case, Agent X? Pack your bag and get ready!

Apps are a quandary for educators and parents: are they mindless distractions with little intrinsic value or educational tools that build curiosity and persistence, and bridge informal and formal learning? Clearly mobile game applications are magnetic. Applying game theory to educational apps with motivational challenges and rewards seems like an intriguing and potentially productive format for expanding interest, knowledge, and understanding in learning about Asia.

As part of the Freeman Foundation Asian Culture Exhibit Series (FFACES), Boston Children’s Museum created the exhibition Children of Hangzhou: Connecting with China. Funded by the Freeman Foundation, five children’s museums each produced a traveling exhibit focused on China, Japan, Korea, and Việt Nam. Each exhibit will travel to a minimum of eight additional children’s museums—at least forty-five venues total— reaching more than two million visitors.