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Web Gleanings: Southeast Asia in the Humanities and Social Science Curricula

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Map of Southeast Asia


This map gives the reader an idea of the complicated geography of Southeast Asian countries. Each country is shown with a different color, making it easy to identify them.

Ancient Lights: The Geography and Cultures of Southeast Asia (video)

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These videos, from Ancient Lights: The Geography and Cultures of Southeast Asia by Discovery Education (2011), give an overview
of Southeast Asia. The population, the religions, the products, and the history of European discoveries of the region are depicted.


The Places in Between


Although this lengthy article is in the “Books” section of The New Yorker, there is more to it than simply a review of a book. The piece touches on the history of Indonesia in the late twentieth century, and looks at the diversity of cultures and the coexistence of the old and the contemporary in Indonesia.

1820–1950 Indonesia and Decolonization


Produced by the Rijksmuseum (Netherlands), this site provides information about the connection between the Netherlands and Indonesia in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Some of the artifacts from the museum serve to illustrate historical events.