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Digital Archives: Teaching Indian Colonial History Through Photographs

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Visual Culture Analysis Handout and Syllabus, On the Edges of Empire: India and Mexico/American Southwest

Editor’s Note:

The visual culture handout and syllabus that follow complement “Digital Archives: Teaching Indian Colonial History Through Photographs” by Rachel M. Ball-Phillips from the EAA winter 2015 issue (vol. 20, no. 3). KNW is the acronym for Ways of Knowing courses offered through SMU. Ways of Knowing courses cut across disciplines, exploring how natural scientists, social scientists, humanists, artists, engineers, and professionals in business and education go about addressing important issues. The courses develop students’ understanding of the multiple approaches whereby different disciplines define, acquire, and create knowledge, including the ethical considerations involved. The KNW 2399 class website is available at If you have any questions about the readings and course materials listed in the syllabus, you may contact Rachel M. Ball-Phillips at