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Website Resources: History of Japan

Title: Ancient Japan URL: A view of the major events and cultural "concepts" of ancient Japan. The chronology ends with the Heian period, and the cultural topics include the music, writing, and arts of Japan;  there are sections on Buddhism as well. The audience for this page would be students who haven't studied Japan previously. Title: Asuka Historical Museum URL: The highlight of this site i...

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Asian Popular Culture

ASIA Title: Asia Food URL: The Asia Society has provided the features of this site replete with information on the foods, the recipes, and the eating habits and customs of many Asian nations. In addition to separate pages for each Asian country and a search engine for recipes by keyword, region, or type of dish, there are articles about Asian food and some video clips. Title: Puppetry in Asia: A select bibliography URL:

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Afghanistan, the Taliban and Related Sites

Title: Yahoo! – Taliban & Al-Qaeda Network URL: Yahoo! UK links to articles and multimedia on the conflict in Afghanistan. Title: Afghan Network URL: A portal to information on many areas of Afghan life. Title: Afghanistan Online URL: A site published in the U.S. with links to information about Afghanistan ranging from the history to languages to sports. Title: America Responds to T...

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Website Resources: Japanese Language

BASIC GRAMMAR Title: MIT Japanese Language Program URL: Although there are some broken links and restricted entry to certain pages, the first and second year online materials for this language program may be useful to beginners. The “Quiz Review Materials” cover many grammatical points and include exercises relevant to these points. Title: A Logical Japanese Grammar URL: While these pag...

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Website Resources: Asian Newspapers — English-Language Editions

[Editor’s Note: In order to include as many newspaper sites as possible, remarks have been limited to a single sentence.] BANGLADESH Title: The New Nation URL: This paper provides broad coverage of the news of Bangladesh and is associated with a newspaper founded in 1953. Title: The Independent A leading daily newspaper published in Dhaka; articles from its weekly magazine are also indexed on the homepage. Title: Bangladesh Observer URL: http://ww...

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Website Resources: Hiroshima, Nagasaki and World War II in the Pacific

HIROSHIMA and NAGASAKI Title: A-Bomb WWW Museum URL: Although this site is fairly crude from a technical standpoint, several areas are useful. There is information about today’s Hiroshima Peace Park in the form of a series of photographs as well as photos taken inside the Peace Memorial Museum. In addition, there are interviews from survivors, the second generation, and children of today. Title: Hiroshima Archive URL:

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Asia in the Twentieth Century

ASIA Title: Internet Modem History Sourcebook: Asia Since 1900 URL: http://www. This is part of a valuable series of original source documents. In particular, this sit has documents pertaining to Asia in the twentieth century. Also accessible through this page are links to the lnternet East Asian History Sourcebo0k, which has many pre-twentieth century items. There are also a large number of documents from the twentieth century. such as those about East...

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Web Gleanings: Asian Literature

Title: The World of Asian Books URL: This is a Library of Congress Interactive Guide to their Asian book collection. By going through this guide, one can see the variety and breadth not only of the Library’s collection, but of Asian literature itself. Title: Asia Source: Literature: Authors URL:,29,41 Annotated links to a variety of works by Asian authors can be found on this p...

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Website Resources: Unusual Asian Sites

Title: A Virtual Village URL: This site combines visual effects and text in an exemplary fashion. One unusual aspect of the “visit” to Arampur is photography produced by village residents. The teaching materials contain suggested questions for students who have explored the site. Title: Claire Holt Papers URL: As part of the Cornell Indonesian Arts Project, there are approximately 1,780 slid...

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Unusual Asian Sites

Title: A Virtual Village URL: This site combines visual effects and text in an exemplary fashion. One unusual aspect of the “visit” to Arampur is photography produced by village residents. The teaching materials contain suggested questions for students who have explored the site. Title: Claire Holt Papers URL: As part of the Cornell Indonesian Arts Project, there are approximately 1,780 slides taken from ...

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Study in Asia Programs

Title: Transitions Abroad URL: The listings for international study are not extensive. However, a number of articles, many written by students, give practical tips on choosing a school, on getting fellowships, and on living and studying abroad. Title: Peterson’s Study Abroad URL: The initial screen shows two search options: Study Abroad and Summer Study Abroad. Once a choice has b...

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INDOCHINA Title: The Indochina Center—UC-Berkeley URL: For someone contemplating research at the Indochina Center at UCBerkeley, this site has a helpful list of its files and serials holdings. In addition, the large number of links to sites dealing with the countries of Indochina are organized by categories such as News, Academic, Government, etc., and short annotations accompany most. CAMBODIA Title: Cambodia in Modern History URL: http://www.meko...

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Website Resources: Marriage and Family in Asia

ASIA, GENERAL Title: Islamic Family Law and Justice for Muslim Women URL: This Web page summarizes the presentations of a conference that dealt with marriage, divorce, child custody, and other important issues facing Muslim women. The participants are mostly from four ASEAN countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines INDIA Title: Marriage Customs of India URL:

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Website Resources: Asia in World History 1750–1914

Title: Internet East Asian History Sourcebook URL: This collection of primary sources is remarkable for both the scope and the depth of its offerings. There are the notes of Matthew Perry about landing in Japan and a speech by Kaiser Wilhelm II to the German soldiers going to China during the Boxer Rebellion. These are just two among many documents included on the site. Title: History of Asia in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century...

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Website Resources: Teaching about Asia through Youth Culture

JAPAN Anime The Ghibli Studio and Hayo Miyazaki rank foremost in Japanese anime. The following sites contain interviews, movie clips, and discussions about Ghibli and Miyazaki: Title: Ghibli—The Miyazaki Temple URL: A review in six parts, most of them around eight to nine minutes long. This link is to the first section with links to the others on the sidebar. Title: The Birth of Studio Ghibli URL: ...

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Teaching the Geographies of Asia

Asia URL: One can keep busy for days simply exploring the links on this site. For the most part, these are links to PowerPoint presentations by teachers. Some presentations are more detailed than others. The links are grouped by geographic region in Asia: Southeast Asia, South Asia, East Asia, etc., and by Asian country. HowStuffWorks: Geography of Asia URL: The Discovery Company p...

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US, Asia, and the World: 1620–1914

Americans in Eastern Asia URL: The focus of this book, published in 1922, is on the relations between the United States and Korea, China, and Japan in the nineteenth century. The author relies greatly on Consular correspondence, but also refers to books and articles written in the last half of the nineteenth century. Trading Places URL: This is part of the British Library’s Learning Series. It ex...

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Website Resources: Asian Visual and Performing Arts–Part I

VISUAL ARTS Asia, General The Art of Asia URL: The collections of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese works of art have been added to this site, produced by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. From this introductory page, one can access the collections by culture,  period, or themes. There are thousands of objects, including 368 ukiyo-eand an extensive guide to Chinese ceramics. South and Southeast Asian Art URL:

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Website Resources: U.S., Asia, and the World: 1914–2012

ASIA, GENERAL American Economic Relations with Asia URL: In this article written by Marcus Noland for the Asian Economic Review in 2009, the author discusses the necessity of shared prosperity for Asia and the US. He looks at the current global financial crisis and long-term challenges. The Globalist URL: There are few discussions on the Internet about Asia and Latin America. “Changing Asian and Latin American Relations” focuses on re...

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