“Cultivating the Humanities and Social Sciences: Addressing Multiple Marginalities in South and Southeast Asia”
A Symposium organized by The Association for Asian Studies (AAS) and The Regional Center for Social Science  and Sustainable Development (RCSD)

December 8-10, 2022, Chiang Mai University, Thailand

The Association for Asian Studies oversees two workshop series:

Dissertation Workshops
This workshop is intended to bring together doctoral students, regardless of citizenship, in the humanities and social sciences who are (1) developing dissertation proposals or are in the early phases of research or dissertation writing; and who are (2) planning, conducting, or are in the early phases of writing up dissertation research. 

Emerging Fields in Asian Studies Workshops
“Emerging Fields” is a multi-year initiative to promote new and under-represented topics in Asian Studies. Each year, the workshop focuses on a different theme and involves early career scholars. The year following each summer workshop, the select participants organize a session on the same topic to be presented at the AAS Annual Conference.