Dear Colleagues:

On behalf of the Program Committee for the Association for Asian Studies, we are pleased to issue the Call for Proposals for the AAS Annual Conference to be held June 22-24, 2020 in Hong Kong at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

 Asia has never been as high-speed and integrated, yet charged with dynamic tension and even regional conflicts, in the modern history of the world as it is now. She hosts not only a large majority of the human population, but also the largest, and fastest-growing continental economy. The dynamics in economies and societies across Asia is not the result of conforming to one path, model, or ideology. On the contrary, its rich and diverse cultural traditions, political systems, natural environments, and human interactions form the Asia we know today. Such diversity and energy, however, can lead to confusion or even anxiety in our age of economic globalization; if simply because forces of globalization often drive contradictory claims and visions. “Asia at the Crossroads” invites scholars of all academic disciplines and fields to reflect on and examine the multiple realities, histories, challenges, and opportunities that we face in Asia and beyond today. Such crossroads are as much about viable and/or desirable choices with regard to the future as they are about narratives re-framing the past.     

As an international centre of trade, finance, communication and tourism, Hong Kong connects the Pacific and the Indian Ocean, and embodies the interaction of with Asia and beyond in the modern world. Given its rich history and recent transformations, the city provides a perfect location for us to exchange different views of Asia at the crossroads. In proud partnership with the Association for Asian Studies, the Chinese University of Hong Kong will host the AAS-in-Asia conference in June 2020. In keeping with the goals of previous AAS-in-Asia conferences, the Organizing Committee encourages dialogues across conventional (often nation-specific) boundaries of academic networks and inquiries. We welcome proposals that include participants from two or more countries and discourage proposals from a group of scholars affiliated with the same institution.

Asianists interested in participating at the 2020 AAS-in-Asia may submit proposals for Organized Panels and Roundtables sessions for consideration. No Individual Papers will be included for this conference.  The program committee seeks sessions that will engage panelists and audiences in the consideration of ideas, information, and interpretations that will advance knowledge about Asian regions and, by extension, will enrich teaching about Asia at all levels. AAS Membership is not a requirement for the submission of a proposal or participation.

We have updated our Call for Proposals related webpages to try and make this process as simple and clear as possible. Please see the three-step guide below to start your submission process. The deadline for submission of all proposals and travel subsidy requests is Thursday, October 31 at 5pm Eastern Time. All proposals must be submitted electronically via the AAS electronic submission application. We will not accept proposals submitted via email. This proposal submission application will be available through Thursday, October 31, 2019. After the submission deadline, your proposal will be forwarded to the appropriate program committee members for review. You will find detailed instructions via the sections listed in the right hand column on this screen.

If you have any questions regarding panel participation or proposal submissions that are not answered in this Call for Proposals or the FAQ’s, please contact the AAS secretariat at

We look forward to an exciting and intellectually stimulating conference in Hong Kong.


AAS-in-Asia 2020 Program Committee 


a) Review this Call for Proposals and the information regarding the two (2) proposal submission types – Organized Panel sessions and Roundtables submissions.  

b) Review the requirements of each proposal type, including the minimum/maximum number of participants, abstract word counts, etc.

c) Review the AAS diversity and inclusion submission guidelines to ensure your preparations and final submitted proposal meet the AAS conference requirements.


a) Develop overall session and presentation abstracts based on the submission requirements.  All organizers/submitters are responsible for collecting and submitting ALL data and information from session proposal participants including paper titles/abstracts, names and contact information for each participant on the session.

b) If applying for a Travel Subsidy on behalf of a participant, review the information to ensure the participant qualifies for an travel subsidy.

c) Have questions? Find answers at our CFP Frequently Asked Questions section.


a) Do not wait until October 31 to begin the submission process. You may begin the process and save a partially completed application. Edits to pending or submitted proposals may be made anytime before October 31 @ 5pm.

b) Follow the “Submit a Proposal’ button posted here on this page in the right column.

c) Questions? Confused? Contact the AAS Secretariat

d) Sit back and relax while the program committee carefully reviews, evaluates the submission received.

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