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International Travelers

The AAS provides this travel information as a courtesy to meeting attendees.  It is the responsibility of each attendee to ensure that she/he/they has/have the necessary documents, including those for entry into another country or re-entry into his/her/their own country.  It is recommended that you check with your institution’s travel department for specific guidance in these matters.

As of November 8, 2021, the President issued a Proclamation suspending limited entry into the United States for non-U.S. Citizens. Proof of Covid-19 vaccination is required for entry into the united states for noncitizen nonimmigrants traveling to the United States by Air. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

Due to the pandemic, travel guidelines remain fluid, please continue to check the CDC website for the latest information on international travel. We recommend that you BOOKMARK this page to read the latest information.

Travelers Prohibited from Entry to the United States

As of November 27, 2021, a new Presidential Proclamation was established restricting entry of certain travelers into the United States in an effort to slow the introduction of the new Omnicron variant.

With specific exceptions, several Presidential proclamations suspend and limit entry into the United States, as immigrants or nonimmigrants, of noncitizens who were physically present within the following countries during the 14-day period preceding their entry or attempted entry into the United States. For full information, visit the CDC travel page.

  • Bostwana
  • Eswantini
  • Lesotho
  • Malawi
  • Mozambique
  • Namibia
  • South Africa
  • Zimbabwe

As further provided in each proclamation, citizens and lawful permanent residents of the United States, certain family members, and other individuals who meet specified exceptions, who have been in one of the countries listed above in the past 14 days will be allowed to enter the United States.

Covid-19 Travel Protocols

International Travel During Covid-19:

Currently, the U.S. requires proof of a negative COVID-19 test for all air passengers arriving from outside the United States, including U.S. citizens and Legal Permanent Residents, even if fully vaccinated.  International arrivals must be tested no more than three days before their departure and will need to present the documentation of a negative test result or documentation of having recovered from COVID-19 to the airline before boarding the flight.
Read more from the CDC>>>
Read the 
Full Order Requiring a Negative COVID-19 Test>

What You Need to Know

  • If you plan to travel internationally, you will need to get a COVID-19 viral test (regardless of vaccination status) before you travel by air into the United States. You must show your negative result to the airline before you board your flight.
    • Fully vaccinated: The viral test must be conducted on a sample taken no more than 3 days before the flight’s departure from a foreign country if you show proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
    • Not fully vaccinated: The viral test must be conducted on a sample taken no more than 1 day before the flight’s departure from a foreign country if you do not show proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19.


The State of Hawai’i will align with federal international requirements. There will be no additional State of Hawai’i requirements for passengers flying directly into Hawai’i from an international destination. The airlines will screen passengers prior to their departure to the U.S. International passengers entering the U.S. from another state or territory will be treated as domestic travelers when entering the State of Hawai’i.

For international travelers coming to the State of Hawaii, only tests from Trusted Testing Partners will be accepted for purposes of bypassing the State’s 10-day traveler quarantine.

Trusted Testing Partners: If a trusted testing partner is not available in your area, contact your airline or airport in connecting cities prior to booking your flight. Many locations offer Rapid Covid Testing (for a fee) that can be used to complete your travel to the State of Hawaii.

Note: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) also offers Rapid COVID Test by appointment and walkthrough (depending on demand). LAX’s COVID-19 testing lab is certified as a trusted testing partner by the State of Hawaii and tests are eligible to meet current travel requirements to the state. Tests are offered for a fee ranging from $80-$199 and depending on the test, results are made available anywhere from less to 1 hour, 3-5 hours or up to 24 hours.

The CDC and WHO recommend that individuals do not travel unless they are fully vaccinated. We recognize there are global vaccine inequities and some individuals may be unable to upload proof of vaccination information. A negative covid-test is an alternative for individuals traveling from countries, not on the prohibited entry list.  

Special Hawaii Tourism Travel Pages

Travel from Canada: Travelers from Canada may bypass the state’s mandatory 10-day quarantine if they have a negative COVID-19 test result from a lab identified by Air Canada or WestJet prior to departure.

Travel from Japan

Travel from Korea

Travel from Taiwan

Visa Requirements

All international visitors to the United States are required to have a valid passport; some attendees may need a visitor visa.  Please consult the embassy or consulate in your country well in advance of travel to ensure that the appropriate documentation is obtained.  We encourage all attendees planning to attend the AAS Annual Conference and in need of a Visa to apply as early as possible (At least 6 months in advance is recommended) and to pay careful attention to U.S. State Department guidance in this matter as some requirements may have changed since you last traveled to the U.S.

Please be advised the AAS does not have any influence on government decisions related to Visa applications.  We can neither advise you on what steps you should take nor speak to anyone on your behalf.  The links below are included for your reference but it is your responsibility to follow all steps and instructions as printed and in a timely manner.  The only assistance the AAS can provide is by way of a personalized letter of invitation to be included with your Visa Application.  See the information listed below.

U.S. Visa home page  (

Visitor Visa InformationVisa Waiver ProgramU.S. Embassy/Consulate List

Letter of Invitation

If a visa is required for you to visit the United States, you will also need to carry a letter of invitation.  To request a letter of invitation, please contact the AAS Office or CLICK HERE to request a letter of invitation.

Letters of invitation are provided to the following individuals only:

  • Individuals accepted to present on a formal panel session, OR;
  • Individuals registered to attend the 2022 Annual Conference.

We will not provide a letter of invitation unless you meet one of the criteria listed above.