Roommate Finder

Are you looking for a roommate to share accommodations and costs at the AAS Annual Conference?  

The AAS provides a discussion forum for members looking to find a roommate for Annual Conference. You may post your own request or browse the threads that have already been posted by clicking the button below. This forum can be useful in making the initial connection between potential roommates; however, this is a public forum open to all AAS members, so once you have selected your roommate, you may want to move your conversation to a personal email address or direct messages within the forum in order to work out logistics.

To assist with selecting a roommate and making lodging arrangements, users may wish to discuss the following questions with potential roommates:

  • Do you snore?
  • Do you smoke or do you require a non-smoking room?
  • Do you go to bed early or stay up late?
  • Do you have any special needs?
  • Who will make reservations with the hotel? What type of room will you choose?
  • Will the cost of the room be divided evenly among each guest?
  • Who will confirm billing arrangements with the hotel?
  • Who will provide a credit card upon checking in?
  • Will you block incidentals from the room, requiring cash payment for room service and other hotel services?

As this list does not provide a comprehensive set of questions addressing every aspect of shared lodging, users are responsible for considering questions that address concerns specific to each individual. Please note that it is not AAS’ responsibility to address these issues and ensure any arrangements resulting from use of this forum are adhered to.


*AAS Disclosure:

The Association for Asian Studies is not responsible for screening or selecting roommates; and is not involved in financial arrangements between roommates or, between roommates and the hotel. AAS makes no guarantees of any kind about roommate compatibility, trustworthiness, security, safety or any dispute that may arise between roommates. Persons who reserve rooms and occupy rooms at the hotel are financially obligated to pay for those rooms regardless of whether or not a roommate agrees to share expenses. Please remember that if you sign up as a roommate, you create an obligation to the person with whom you share a room. If you cancel your reservation at the last minute, or if you “no-show”, you will be obligated to settle any financial agreements you’ve entered in to.