The AAS 2021 Virtual Annual Conference will take place over the course of 6 days beginning Sunday, March 21 and ending on Friday, March 26.

The virtual format of the conference has shifted our events and timing, but we have reserved conflict-free time slots to support groups interested in holding virtual events or business meetings over the conference dates.

Affiliate groups and organizations interested in hosting a virtual event in connection with the AAS 2021 Virtual Annual Conference may submit a request to add the event to the AAS Conference online schedule.

We have selected CadmiumCD’s Eventscribe Live as our virtual event platform.  This is the same company we have used in the past few years to build our online schedule and many returning groups will already be familiar with the website.   

Adding your event to our schedule is complimentary and serves as a convenience for AAS Conference attendees to include your event on their personal itineraries.  However, if groups are interested in utilizing our software beyond a complimentary schedule listing, charges may apply.

Event Types Allowed

The AAS allows groups to hold either a business meeting or a reception/social event only.

Confirmed exhibitors have an opportunity to host sponsored demonstrations during this virtual event. Those opportunities are available at a cost. However, in general, we do not allow groups of any type (affiliate, non-affiliate, exhibitors) to hold independent panel sessions that will be added or promoted via our conference schedule. All groups interested in hosting a panel session in the future should submit those requests during the formal call for panel proposals.

Pre-conference Meetings

The normal in-person conference schedule has shifted and the typical pre-conference meetings that normally would take place may still take place but please note pre-conference meetings may end taking place over the weekend.

Available Meeting Dates & Times

The time slot availability within the AAS’ virtual conference schedule of official events is as follows:

Sunday, March 21:  9am  – 5:00pm

Monday, March 22:  5:00pm – 10pm

Tuesday, March 23: 10am – 12pm, 5pm – 10pm

Wednesday, March 24: 10am – 12pm, 6:30pm – 10pm

Thursday, March 25: 10am – 12pm, 6:30pm – 10pm

Friday, March 26: 10am – 12pm, 5:30 – 10pm

Please note:  The AAS is currently planning to schedule networking/social events each day from 5pm – 6pm. This may cause a conflict in your event on some days.

Typically meetings/events are assigned 2 hour time slots.

The dates and times available for groups to reserve meeting space changes from year to year based on the contracted space in the meeting facility for any given year. Returning groups should not expect that the same time frames and space will be available from year to year.

In-conjunction Options

Option 1: Host an event outside of the AAS virtual platform.

For affiliates/groups/organizations planning to host a virtual event or business meeting over the time frame of the AAS Virtual Annual Conference dates on a meeting platform such as Zoom, Go-to-Meeting, Blue Jeans, etc.


  1. You may submit a request to include your event in our digital program listing via this application.
  2. Provide the meeting/event link to the AAS by the requested deadline date.
  3. Your event listing will include a button that links directly out to your event/meeting.

Cost: $0

Please ensure that social events do not conflict with AAS official sessions. 

Option 2: Hold a small business meeting using the AAS Virtual Platform (maximum capacity: 20)

For affiliates/group/organizations interested in holding their meeting within our virtual platform using the Video Chat/Meeting feature. This feature works similar to Zoom, with the ability to text chat within the video meeting.  The platform recommends no more than 20 people but can accommodate slightly more.

Cost:  $50 per meeting (first 3 hours); additional $10 for each hour following.

Option 3: Pre-conference Sessions

For affiliates/groups/organizations approved to hold pre-conference sessions and would like to utilize the AAS virtual platform for sessions. 

  • Pre-recorded Session: Require that all sessions are pre-recorded and we will run the sessions simulive.  This means, if the sessions are scheduled to begin at 10am, the recording will begin at 10am and if an attendee joins the session at 10:15, they are joining 15 minutes into the recording.  The recording will not begin at the beginning for late comers.  

    The above option allows for uploading one (1) MP4 video of all speakers presenting as a group (in the same way speakers would all appear at the head of room and speak one at a time with presentations at an in-person conference).  This option would include the ability for live text chat Q &A during the broadcast of the session.  Speakers would have the ability to answer questions submitted live although the presentation is pre-recorded and will may also receive and answer question submitted during an on-demand viewing. 

Cost: $250 per session to utilize our platform features.

  • Upload Presentation Slides/Video: This feature offers the ability for each individual paper presenter to use our system to upload their individual slide presentations (PowerPoint) and record video/audio of their presentation alongside the slides. They would record the presentations directly within our system and would not have to upload a video.  Access to these individual presentations would be available via a link placed alongside the paper titles.  The same as noted above, each speaker would have access to answer questions about their individual presentation separately than the Q&A discussion for the full session. 

    Cost: $125 per presentation.

These rates cover our costs for hosting uploads, using the recording feature and managing the speaker data on our end. 

Option 4: However, if you would like to provide us with the recordings from your live zoom session, we can upload the video but Q&A would not be available.  It would simply be a place to host the recording for viewing on-demand.  This option is not meant to be a used to record an unapproved session but instead for a group to post a welcome to group members and an address of the state of the organization that would have been shared during an in-person event.

Cost: $75 per upload of each recorded session. This is a hosting fee, does not include any Q&A chat or other live features.. 

Deadlines & Promotion

We will continue to accept applications to host an event in conjunction with the AAS 2021 Virtual Conference through March 5. Groups holding virtual events will continue to be added to our digital program schedule through this date.

All confirmed MIC requests are independent events from the AAS. The AAS may include and share in conference promotional emails to members or registered attendees the general MIC schedule listing but will not send specific emails on behalf of groups promoting specific events. The AAS, at it’s discretion, may re-tweet or share an existing social media post related to the #AAS2021 but cannot commit or promise all posts will be re-tweeted or shared based on our own posting policies, including internal posting calendar and frequency. Groups are responsible for promoting their own independent events to the desired attendee base.

If you are interested in promoting your virtual event directly to AAS members or AAS Conference Attendees, please view our E-Flyer advertising options.

As a reminder, the AAS does accept event submissions to be posted to our Asian studies calendar. For more information, click here.