Conference FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the Annual Conference. More information regarding the conference may be found within each section of the website.

General Information (Logistics)

What are the official dates?

The official conference dates are March 24-27, 2022

What is the format of the 2022 AAS Annual Conference?

The AAS Annual Conference will be a hybrid event. It will be held in person in Honolulu and will include a virtual component. Virtual sessions will be incorporated into the program during the standard Thursday-Sunday conference schedule. More information on virtual sessions and participation will be available at a later date, i.e., after the program committee has completed the review process for all incoming proposals.

What does “Hybrid” mean in the context of the AAS 2022 Annual Conference?

The hybrid meeting will include sessions and content that will take place in two environments: In-person and virtually. Session participants and individuals interested in attending either in-person or virtually will be given the option to select a virtual or in-person registration fee.

The majority of the AAS 2022 Hybrid Annual Conference will take place in-person and all presentations for sessions must be either 100% in-person or 100% virtually.

The in-person component will follow social distancing guidelines including contact-free badge pickup, wider exhibit hall aisles, social distanced room sets, etc. More details and COVID-19 protocols can be found on the COVID-19 Health & Safety page of our website.

Where is the in-person conference venue?

The AAS 2022 Annual Conference will take place in both the Hawai’i Convention Center and the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort, located approximately one mile from the Convention Center.

In what time zone will the virtual portion of the meeting take place?

All times will be listed in Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (UTC−10:00).

What should I expect if I choose to attend the in-person portion of the meeting?

In-person attendees will have access to all the in-person panels on-site as well as the virtual sessions during the meeting and on-demand recorded sessions for 60 days after the meeting. The in-person meeting will also feature enhanced health and safety measures. 

What should I expect if I choose to attend the virtual-only portion of the meeting?

Virtual attendees will have access to all virtual panels in real-time, as well as real-time access to view select live streaming in-person events and panels from Honolulu. Virtual attendees will also have access to all on-demand content, a virtual exhibit hall, and online networking opportunities. Virtual attendees will have access to on-demand content for 60 days after the meeting.

Why are the virtual conference attendance rates similar to the In-person rates? Why can’t we attend for free?

The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on conferences and in-person gatherings. Nearly all in-person meetings over 2020 & early 2021 moved to an online format, the so-called virtual conference. Because so many online communication tools are free to individuals or small groups, people are often surprised that registration fees are being charged at all for virtual conferences.

The AAS board of directors decided the best meeting format for 2022 conference is one that accommodates most individuals who are interesting in attending and participating in-person, while also embracing anyone who can only participate virtually. Adding a virtual component provides our members and the Asian studies community the option to still participate and share their latest research without the feeling at a disadvantage in comparison to colleagues who are able to attend in-person.

The AAS employs full-time staff to manage all the logistical and financial details of our meetings, including planning, negotiating support contracts with vendors, handling registration, processing credit-card payments and responding to problems and inquiries, receiving and processing the call for proposals, sorting abstracts into sessions, writing and distributing email blasts about the meeting, and communicating with individual participants as needed. We also use a variety of vendors to provide key services to make our meetings happen, including A/V companies, mobile app companies, childcare, etc. The virtual conference software you use for free to communicate with your family, friends, and colleagues is not free for the kind of serious usage required to conduct a conference as large as the Association for Asian Studies annual conference.

As we are moving forward with the regular in-person conference, there are additional expenses for this particular year that are new to the AAS, many including managing the health and safety protocols to ensure a safe conference for everyone in attendance. By adding a virtual component, we are essentially planning two conferences. The virtual conference expenses are a new line items for the AAS and registration fees are required in order to offer this option.

The AAS2021 Virtual conference fees were reduced mainly because our annual conference expenses were significantly reduced by choosing to not also hold an in-person conference; though A/V costs were still significant. In short, we would be unable to offer the option to over 900 virtual speakers, provide networking and exhibiting opportunities without collecting registration fees for the virtual event. In most all areas of the virtual conference, the expenses are actually higher on our end than in-person items. For example, it costs us more to offer the option for virtual booths to an exhibiting company than to offer pipe, drape, and furniture in the in-person exhibit hall booths. The bottom line is, technology is expensive.

For AAS2022, the AAS is incurring all of the same regular expenses as any conference we have held previously, with added new expenses due to the location and pandemic health protocols, on-top of adding a virtual component. This requires the same amount of management from staff and a virtual platform to host the event.

We have priced the virtual conference at a rate we believe is fair, that will support the virtual component technologically and providing an environment that is engaging to attendees and exhibiting partners. The cost is slightly less and does not include some of the items we are unable to readily supply to virtual attendees that would normally be distributed on site in bulk, such as the conference tote bag, print program, complimentary drink tickets, and food and beverage we offer at our main event. Other costs have been added to ensure our virtual expenses are covered.

The virtual conference however does offer many added benefits not previously available those attending an in-person conference. All virtual sessions will be recorded and available for 60-days beyond the conference dates. Although virtual attendees also pay a registration fee, this format is a cost saver in that attendees do not pay airfare and hotel fees.

Covid-19 Health Protocols

What health and safety measures will the AAS have in place for the in-person portion of the meeting in Honolulu?

You can find details on the COVID-19 Health & Safety page of our website.

If the AAS 2022 conference is unable to take place in Honolulu next March due to another surge of COVID-19 cases, will the conference be canceled?

The AAS2022 conference will not be canceled. The 2022 conference will include a virtual/online component.  In the event we are unable to hold the in-person component of the conference in Honolulu, we will transition the entire conference to a virtual/online conference using the technology we will already have in place.

Cancellation of the AAS2022 Conference would result in $1.2 million in penalties owed to the convention centers and our three hotels. Additional penalties will also be owed to our many vendors contracted for the conference. The AAS is not in a position to cover these penalties while also refunding registration paid to date. Many factors go into deciding to cancel the conference outright and any decision made will ultimately affect the Association overall and our ability to continue many many of our programs including member benefits, publications, grants programs, and more.


What airport will I fly into?

The Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL) is located in Honolulu on the island of O’ahu. The Honolulu International Airport is located approximately 16 miles from the Hawai’i Convention Center.

Where can I learn more about Honolulu?

Visit the Oahu/Honolulu page of the AAS conference website.

When does the last conference event end so I know when to schedule my return flight?

The last session will take place on Sunday at 10:45 am and end at 12:15 pm.

If the conference moves to a virtual format and I’ve bought my airline ticket, will the AAS reimburse me for my expenses?

No, the AAS does not reimburse attendees with airline fees. We STRONGLY recommend that all attendees consider purchasing refundable tickets and/or travel insurance. We do not endorse any travel insurance policies; most airlines offer policies as add-ons with the airline tickets.


What is the headquarters hotel for the 2022 AAS Annual Conference?

Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort will serve as the AAS official headquarters hotel for the 2022 Annual Conference.  Evening events will be held at the Hilton.

What are the hotel rates?

The AAS has negotiated discount rates at Hilton Hawaiian Village, the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani, and The Ala Moana Hotel for all conference attendees. Check the Hotel page for details and rates.

How do I secure a hotel reservation at the AAS conference rates?

Visit the Hotel webpage for a link to the hotel reservations site, or call the hotels directly.  

Can the AAS recommend accommodations other than those listed on the website?

The Association for Asian Studies has worked diligently to negotiate reduced rates for all conference attendees. We encourage all attendees to book within the block at the headquarters hotel (Hilton) or any overflow hotels (Sheraton & Ala Moana) listed on our website. Booking outside the block hurts the association and ultimately raises our expenses, which unfortunately then need to be passed on to the attendees. For this reason, we cannot assist in providing information on any additional hotels. We regret that we can only provide information on the contracted hotels listed on our website.


What are the registration fees for the 2022 conference?

Registration fees range depending on your membership status and the date of registration. The AAS is also offering Green Registration rates for all categories.  See the Registration Page for more information.

What is the online registration cutoff date?

Registration is open through March 27, 2022. Regular rates will be available through March 3, and Late registration rates will be available online through March 23, 2022. On-site rates will begin at the start of the conference on March 24, 2022.

When does in-person on-site registration open?

Thursday, March 24, 2022, at 12:00pm on the second level of the Hawaii Convention Center.

How do I register?

You must first either Log in to your AAS account or Create an account. Once logged in, select the upcoming events menu and choose whether you are registering for the in-person conference in Hawai’i or the virtual-only attendee option. Select the register now button; the registration application will display allowing you to select the registration conference rate you qualify for based on your membership status (regular member, retired member, student member, non-member, student non-member).

How do I ensure I receive the MEMBER RATE for the conference?

You must be a current AAS member to receive the discounted conference member rate. If you are an AAS member, choose the registration rate for regular members, retired members, or student members. If you do not qualify for one of these rates, the rate you qualify for will be placed in your shopping cart.

My membership has lapsed. Do I need to renew my membership separately before I register?

If your membership has lapsed, and you would like to join and receive the discounted conference registration rate, you must FIRST complete the membership application. After completing the membership application and the membership fee is placed in your cart, you may then register for the conference at the member rate. During the conference registration process, select the member rate you qualify for and it will be placed in your cart.

I am not a member of AAS; can I still attend the AAS Conference?

Yes, the AAS welcomes all individuals interested in the AAS Conference to register and attend the conference. Non-member rates will apply. For more information on membership, please visit the membership page.

I submitted a membership application. Does this also confirm my conference attendance?

No. Membership applications cover MEMBER DUES only. Membership applications DO NOT include conference registration fees. You must complete the conference registration fee application separately.

I am a graduate student but when I log in the application does not display the conference student registration rate?

To receive the student registration rate, you must have joined the AAS in the Student Member category. Student memberships are $40 and require student verification documents. If you have joined the AAS at any other rate and simply selected ‘graduate student’ as your occupation, you did not join in the $40 student member category. 

I am a graduate student but not a member of the AAS. Do you offer non-member student rates?

Yes, we do offer student non-member rates for the conference. To obtain the discounted Student Non-Member rate, you must provide student status documentation during the registration process. Your transaction will be pending approval upon review of the provided documentation. 

I am a panelist but registered after the January 12, 2022 deadline. Can I get a refund?

As a program panelist, if circumstances arise where you are no longer able to attend the conference, you MUST request a refund before January 12, 2022, 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. If registering after this date as a program panelist, you would not qualify for a refund.

I am a panelist who didn’t get to register until after January 12, 2022. Can you still include my name in the printed Conference Program?

Because the layout, editing, printing, and shipping of the printed conference programs involves weeks of preparation, we must adhere to the posted deadlines in order to produce the program in a timely manner.

However, if you register after the January 12, 2022 deadline, all participant’s names will appear in the online program.

I have not received my badge or the Conference Program in the mail. What should I do?

The AAS does not mail conference badges or conference programs prior to the conference start date. Conference badges and programs will be distributed on-site at the AAS registration counters in the Hawaii Convention Center. Attendees registered for the in-person conference will receive a QR code prior to the start of the conference. The QR code will be used for touchless badge printing. More information will be shared at that time.

I would like to attend the conference but am unable to afford the registration fee. Are there any fee waiver programs, travel grants, or other discounts/assistance for the conference?

Although the AAS does not specifically offer fee waivers, we do have a number of funding opportunities available to assist potential attendees with conference registration fees, membership dues, and/or travel fees. CLICK HERE to VIEW CONFERENCE FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES.

Note: All students accepted to present on a session will receive the Graduate Student Travel Stipend. These stipends are approximately $200; the final amount will depend on the number of students on the program however $200 is the minimum. Graduate Students do not need to apply for this stipend; student must meet the following qualifiers: 

  • Accepted to the present on the 2022 conference program
  • Live more than 100 miles away from Honolulu, Hawaii;
  • Register by the posted participant pre-registration deadline.
I am having problems registering on the website; what should I do?

The website does not work well with an Internet Explorer browser.  Please try a different browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Cancellation/Transfer/Substitution Requests

I can no longer attend, what should I do in terms of cancelling my registration, hotel and flight reservation, etc.?
  1. AAS Registration fees: All registration fees for panelists can be refunded in full until January 12, 2022. General attendees may cancel their registration through March 3, 2022; all other conference registration fees can be refunded in full, minus a $20 fee ($10 for grad students). Learn more about registration and cancellation policies.
  2. Hotel: Your reservation at the conference hotel can be changed or cancelled up until 72 hours prior to check-in without any penalty. By booking at the conference hotel you have access to the AAS discounted rates and this cancellation policy. Learn more about booking a hotel room and cancellation policies.
  3. Airfare: You should check with your airline, but many airlines continue to offer flexible tickets including providing credit to be used at a later date should you choose not to fly.
  4. Travel insurance and/or Refundable Tickets: The AAS does not endorse any travel insurance policy but you may want to consider purchasing either a refundable ticket and/or travel insurance that covers COVID-related issues. Most airlines offer travel insurance as an add-on during the reservation process. Please review the policies carefully.
Is there a registration cancellation penalty?

Yes, all refunds will be assessed a cancellation processing fee of $20 ($10 for graduate students).

I need to cancel my registration. How do I request a refund?

All registration cancellations must be sent in writing to the AAS. If you are a panelist on the formal program, you must cancel before January 12, 2022, to receive a refund. If you are not participating in the formal program, you must send a refund request in writing to before March 3, 2022. After the deadline dates, there are no refunds.

I am a program participant but registered after January 12, 2022. Can I get a refund?

As a program participant, if circumstances arise where you are no longer able to attend, you MUST cancel your registration no later than January 12, 2022. After this date, you do not qualify for a refund.

I am unable to attend; can I transfer my registration to my colleague?

Yes, you may use the substitute feature in your AAS account to transfer your registration.

I am registered for the in-person conference, but now I cannot attend; can I transfer to virtual-only registration?

Yes, you may submit your request to transfer your registration from in-person to virtual-only attendance at the following form. Please note, this form is only to request your registration type change. It is not a request to switch the format of your presentation. Please see the Speaker Resources page for presentation format change information.

I am registered for the virtual-only rate, but can now attend in-person in Hawaii; can I transfer my registration?

Yes, you may submit your request to transfer your registration from virtual-only to in-person attendance at the following form. Once your request is processed and you are notified via email, you must log into your account to pay the remaining in-person registration rate balance.

Call for Proposals

When was the deadline for submitting a proposal?

The Call for Papers closed on August 10, 2021. Each year, the Call for Papers opens in June and closes in early August.

Do I need to be an AAS Member to submit a conference proposal?

AAS Membership is not required to submit a proposal or to present at the AAS Annual Conference. However, members receive a significantly discounted registration rate.

For Speakers

If I am presenting in a virtual session, can I attend the in-person meeting?

Yes, absolutely. If an individual has agreed to participate in a 100% virtual session, that individual is still welcomed to attend the in-person meeting. Most virtual sessions will be live, so the individual will need to make arrangements to be available at the time of the virtual session.

If our proposal was accepted in one format/environment, can we change it to the opposite format at a later date?

If a proposal was accepted as an in-person session and due to Covid-19 concerns, must ultimately switch to a virtual session, the AAS will accept requests for transfers from in-person to virtual. We will accept a limited number of transfers and all requests must be submitted by the posted deadline date of March 3, 2022.

What happens if one person who agreed to present in person can no longer present in person? Can they present via Zoom?

No. Due to the complications of accommodating a variety of needs for each individual, the AAS cannot support partial in-person/virtual presentation sessions. The individual may opt to withdraw or pre-record their presentation. Organizers/Chairs of the sessions, must coordinate the recording and manage the playing of the recording in the meeting. If said individual, would like to be listed in the program as a presenter, they must still register for the conference.

Why is the AAS not allowing for hybrid sessions?

The technology expenses and logistics involved in providing sessions on-site that can accommodate both in-person and virtual presentations are cost-prohibitive for the AAS. After much consideration and budget review, while also considering the varying needs of each presenter, the decision was made to hold normal in-person sessions with an option for 100% virtual sessions online.