AAS 2022 Annual Conference Registration

Conference Registration is now open! If you wish to join the AAS or renew your membership, please add the membership category to your registration to access member conference registration rates.

Individuals will have the option to attend the Annual Conference either in-person in Honolulu, Hawai’i, or virtually online. The rates below reflect the two different registration options.

October 26, 2021-Registration Rates Update: Due to the current paper supply and labor shortages, our printers have informed us they are unable to guarantee delivery of the print conference program in time for the March conference. Therefore the AAS has decided not to move forward with distributing a hard copy traditional program to in-person attendees this year. A PDF version of the program will be available. Additionally, in-person attendees may navigate the conference via the mobile app and/or digital online program. If you previously registered at the regular rate (not the green rate), the AAS will contact you.

The 2022 Annual Conference In-Person registration rates have been adjusted to reflect this change.

2022 In-Person Registration Rates

Pre-Registration Rate
Thru March 3
Late Registration Rate
March 4-23
On-Site Registration Rate
March 24-27
Regular Member$165$195 $210
Retired Member$135$165$180
Student Member$75$100$120
Non-Member $280$310$325
Student Non-Member$110$135$155

In-Person registration, for attendees who wish to join us in Honolulu, will include access to all conference activities in Hawai’i, as well as, access to our virtual meeting platform where attendees can participate in all online conference activities available to virtual attendees.

The Association for Asian Studies will require that all attendees at the in-person AAS Annual Conference provide proof of full vaccination.

2022 Virtual Registration Rates

Regular Rate
Thru March 3
Late Rate
March 4-23
Conference Week Rate
March 24-27
Regular Member$155$185$195
Retired Member$125$155$165
Student Member$65$90$105
Student Non-Member$100$125$135

Conference Registration Categories Definitions

General Information

Student Group Registrations

Professors or teachers interested in registering a group of students to the AAS 2022 Conference may register students at the AAS student member conference registration rate (see posted rates). Individual Student membership is not required to take advantage of this rate, however, the students must be registered as a group by the hosting institution, professor, or teacher.

The AAS welcomes students of all levels (high school, undergraduate, and master’s programs.) We will require proof of student enrollment status for all group registration applications.

Deadline to request student group registrations is March 14, 2022. After this date, we are unable to process group registrations.

For more information, please contact

Registration Policies

By registering for the conference you are agreeing to the AAS Anti-Harassment and Respectful Behavior Policies.

By registering for the conference you are agreeing to the Virtual Code of Conduct

Health & Safety Expectation

Our top priority is the health and safety of all attendees. As always, the AAS will adhere to all federal and local guidelines regarding our annual conference. Precautions at meeting time may include but are not limited to – wearing a mask, social distancing, additional cleaning periods between room usage, temperature checks, daily health screenings, proof of vaccination, and/or proof of negative COVID-19 test. The AAS will communicate all procedures and information regarding precautions to registered attendees prior to the conference. To ensure everyone’s safety, the AAS reserves the right to remove an attendee from the conference in the event of an attendee not following the announced guidelines. 

Permission to Photograph Likeness

By registering for the Association for Asian Studies Conference you are agreeing to the Policy Governing the Recording of Conference Sessions and/or Events. The recording, rebroadcasting, or reproducing of any AAS conference session or event is prohibited without the approval of the AAS. Any presenter of a session or event recorded by AAS will be notified ahead of time and asked to complete a release form. During the course of this conference, I acknowledge that I may have my voice, likeness, and/or actions captured in photographs, video, and/or audio recordings. As a condition of my attendance at this conference, I agree to irrevocably grant to the Association for Asian Studies (“AAS”), its assigns, licensees, and successors the right to video, photograph, publish, record, broadcast, exhibit, digitize, display, copyright, license, transfer, reproduce, translate, modify, edit or otherwise use perpetually throughout the world, in all media now and hereafter known or devised, in whole or in part, my image, likeness, voice, name, and actions in audio and video recordings, photographs and materials prepared by and/or disseminated by AAS.

Payments / Refunds / Transfers / Cancellations


  • Purchase orders, wire transfers, or requests for invoices are not allowed for conference registration payment.
  • Regular rate registrations emailed or mailed and postmarked after the March 3, 2022 posted deadline will not be processed. Late registrants will need to register at the posted late registration rates.
  • A $25 fee will be assessed for returned checks.

Transfer Registration Between Formats (In-Person to Virtual/Virtual to In-Person)

  • Registered attendees are allowed to transfer registration type between attendance formats. The AAS will not charge a fee to transfer attendance formats.
  • If you are no longer able to attend in-person and would like to transfer your registration status to virtual-only OR if you would like to transfer your virtual registration to in-person registration, please complete this form to request a change in registration type by March 3, 2022. (Please note: the form is not to request a switch in presentation format.)

Transfer/Substitute Registration from one person to another

  • If you would like to transfer your paid registration to another individual, please contact the AAS to complete the request by March 14, 2022. Please note, the registration is only transferrable to an individual who is currently in the same membership category (member to member, student to student, etc.).

Refunds/Cancellation Policy

  • All registrants are responsible for ensuring internet access is available during the conference dates for the virtual format of the 2022 annual conference. Failure to gain internet access is not cause for issuing a refund and these requests will not granted.

  • Some conference content will be held on platforms such as Zoom, Vimeo and Go-to-Meeting. We cannot offer refunds or partial refunds to attendees unable to access these platforms due to geographic location or security protocols on the computer in use.

  • If you are unable to attend either the in-person or virtual conference and require a refund, the AAS charges a $10 administrative cancellation fee for student registrations and $20 for all other registration categories. 
    • PANEL PARTICIPANTS CANCELLATIONS: If you have paid the registration fee and are ultimately unable to participate either in-person or virtually, the deadline for anyone participating (Organizer, Panel Chair, Presenter, or Discussant) in a session to cancel their registration and receive a refund is January 12, 2022.  All refunds will incur a cancellation fee ($10 students/$20 all other categories).  Refund requests from participants received after January 12, 2022 will not be granted.
    • GENERAL CONFERENCE ATTENDEES REFUND REQUEST: If you have paid the registration fee and are unable to attend either in-person or virtually, the deadline for a general conference attendee (not participating in a formal session) to request a refund and cancellation is March 3, 2022. All refunds will incur a cancellation fee ($10 students/$20 all other categories). 
  • After March 3, 2022, no refunds will be issued for cancellations of any type.  All cancellation and refund requests must be made in writing. Please mail, or e-mail cancellation requests to: Registration, Association for Asian Studies, 825 Victors Way, Suite 310, Ann Arbor, MI 48108 USA; or via E-Mail:

In the event the virtual portion of the annual conference is unable to move forward due to technical issues such as failure of the platform providers, regional or universal power outage, loss of pre-recorded data, etc., the AAS 2022 virtual component of the annual conference will be rescheduled at the next available date and time, once the technology failures or issues have been resolved. Refunds will not be issued to virtual-only attendees if the conference does not take place on the originally scheduled dates; as stated above the dates will be rescheduled.

Registration Category Definitions

Please review the following definitions to determine which registration category you should select for the AAS Conference.

Regular Member/Retired Member:
Anyone who has joined the AAS and membership is current and has not expired prior to registering.

Student Member*: Anyone who has joined the AAS as a student and is currently working toward an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral degree.  Proof of qualifying student status is required when joining.** Post-doctorates are not considered students.

Non-Member+– Anyone who is not a current member and/or membership has expired prior to registering for the AAS 2022 Conference.

Student Non-Member**: Individuals currently working toward an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral degree.  Proof of qualifying student status is required with registration.** Post-doctorates are not considered students.

*Individuals interested in attending may join the AAS to receive discounted rates. New! You may join and register in one transaction.

+New Feature for Non-Member Registrations – ADD a membership category to your registration form to get discounted member rate. Separate transactions are no longer necessary.