Exhibitor Badges

Exhibitor Badges and Registration

  • Complimentary Badges: Each 8 x 10 booth reservation includes three (3) full conference access registration badges.
  • Additional Badges: Exhibiting companies may purchase up to two additional badges (per 8×10 booth) at a discounted rate of $185. For example, if you have reserve two 8 x 10 booth,

Example: A company that has reserved two 8×10 booths will receive six complimentary badges and may purchase up tp four additional at the discounted rate.

Submit booth personnel names

All names should be submitted via the Exhibitor Service Center. Please make sure to have the following information for each invidual:

  • First and Last Name (how it will be list on the Badge)
  • Company Name/Affiliation for the badge
  • Email address (PLEASE make sure to enter the email address for each person. A unique address is needed for each person; this will ensure each person is recognized as registered in our system.

Badge Pick-up

Each booth personnel submitted will receive badge pick-up details as the conference date nears.