Advertise 2023

Advertise at AAS 2023

AAS is excited to bring you the world-class Annual Conference – in-person and virtually.

Increased Attendance!

The Annual conference will be held both in-person and virtually. The two formats has provided the AAS the opportunity to build a record-sized program of nearly 500+ sessions and presentations. Be a part of a larger international audience than ever before.

Analytics Reports!

Analytics reports are available for all digital advertisements and E-flyers.

Print Advertising | Email Marketing | Banner Advertising | Mobile App

Email Marketing

E-FLYERS (Targeted Email Marketing) $1,200

Promote your organization, publications, and program in a dedicated email, designed by you and sent to all conference registrants. Your personalized message will arrive in each attendee’s email in-box on your preferred distribution date. Drive traffic to your booth and website. Analytics available upon request.

The February dates listed below are offered to drive traffic to your virtual booth information for virtual attendees.

Available E-Flyer Distribution Dates:

Tuesday, February 7

Tuesday, February 28 SOLD

Tuesday, March 14 SOLD

Thursday, February 9

Thursday, March 2 SOLD

Thursday, March 16

Tuesday, February 14

Tuesday, March 7

Friday, March 17

Thursday, February 16 SOLD

Thursday, March 9

Saturday, March 18

Mobile App Advertising

Mobile App Push Notification – $375

Push notifications are sent directly to the mobile app user’s phone and appear directly on the user’s main screen as well as in the app’s Inbox.  Users do not need to open the app to receive the message.

BONUS AD PLACEMENT! The online conference platform is fully integrated with the mobile app. Mobile App Push Notifications will also appear as a message on the desktop and mobile-friendly online conference program platform.

There will be two push notification slots available per day and five in-app message slots available per day from Thursday to Sunday, March 16-19, 2023.

Refer to Banner Advertising to review details of the Mobile App banner ad opportunity.

Banner Advertising

AAS Conference Website Banner Ad$650

Post your digital banner ad on the most visited web pages on the AAS Website. Ads will display on all conference interior pages for the highest visibility. These pages include General Information, Registration, Program, Exhibit Hall, Special Events.

Price reflects 30-day rotation.

Size: 300w x 200h

Footer Banner Advertisement (Online Program and Conference Mobile App placement) – $1,150 (2 placements; 1 price!)

Reservations for the footer banner advertisement have closed. Alternatively, please refer to the conference website banner ad opportunity stated above.

This digital advertising opportunity is now visible to online program (website) visitors and the AAS2023 Mobile App.

The Online Program and the AAS2023 Mobile App are digital versions of the conference schedule and the location where all attendees view, sort, and filter the conference program. Attendees use this platform to build a personal schedule of events, by liking or adding sessions to their roster. Additionally, attendees have access to view the list of exhibitors, connect with speakers and attendees and save all special events to their personal schedules.

All Ads will post to the website as soon as they are received. All ads will remain on the website and the Conference Mobile App through April 30, 2023. The mobile app will launch approximately March 1.

The rotating Bottom Banner Ad is viewable on the home page and all interior schedule pages of the online program/Itinerary Planner and the AAS2023 Mobile App.
This banner ad is prime real estate full program. Limited to 5 advertisers

Rotating Tower Banner Ad – $850 NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Print Advertising


Reservations for print program ads have closed. Alternatively, please refer to the digital advertising opportunities above.

The printed program book is available to all registered conference attendees. A PDF version of the program book is also posted on the website and available to AAS Members, attendees, and the general public. The program book is the official guide of the AAS conference and contains information on sessions, locations and hours, speakers, special events, meetings, receptions, exhibit hall, and more.

Full Page Color Advertisement$1,200 SOLD$1,275
Half Page Color Advertisement$695 SOLD$775
Inside Front Cover$1,350 SOLD
Inside Back Cover$1,350 SOLD
Back Cover$1,550 SOLD

Submission Deadline: November 28, 2022 Extended to December 8, 2022 (5pm Eastern Time)

Ready to submit your ad file?

Payment Terms and Cancellation Policy

Advertising Criteria: The Association for Asian Studies (AAS) is a scholarly, non-political, non-profit professional association open to all persons and organizations interested in Asia and the study of AsiaAdvertising companies must meet the criteria of providing goods and services as requested by our members and attendees-in part; the AAS Exhibit Hall and Advertisement opportunities are open to Publishers, Publications, Academic and Study Abroad Programs, Foundations, Digital Databases or programming related to archives, teaching, pedagogy or education about Asia. The AAS reserves the right to deny a reservation should the exhibiting/advertising party not meet our core mission and values. 

On Advertising Orders: All advertising orders must be paid in full before advertisement placement.  Payment may be submitted online via a credit card or via check, money order, or wire transfer (there is a $35 wire transfer fee).  If an invoice is requested, payment is due within 30 days of receipt of the invoice. 

Advertisement Cancellation: Notification for cancellation must be made in writing. Cancellations made on or before December 31 will receive a 50% refund.  Cancellations submitted after January 1 will forfeit 100% of full payment.  Advertisements that have already been inserted or running online may not be canceled.

In-Person Conference Cancellation: Should cancellation of the in-person conference occur, the AAS 2023 Annual Conference will take place virtually. Advertisements placed in the program book will not be refunded as the book is also available as a PDF (digital) version. Digital Advertisements will continue to run as scheduled and are not eligible for a refund.