(How to) Submit a Proposal


1. Organizers collect all information: If submitting an Organized Panel, Roundtable, Workshop, or Lightning session proposal, the Organizer must collect all contact information for each person participating in the proposal. This includes the following:

  • Contact data: Correct spelling of first and last name, email address, affiliation, rank, gender, & current city/state/country (no mailing address is required)
  • Paper Title: Full paper title for each paper being presented in the session (Organized Panels & Lightning Sessions only)
  • Paper Abstract: 250-word abstract for each paper (Organized panel and Lightning Session only)

  2. Log In/Create an Account: All Organizers and submitters will be prompted to log in to the proposal application portal before submitting a proposal. If you submitted a proposal or participated in a session over the past two years, you may log into your existing account within the proposal submission platform. Otherwise, all submitters must create a new account.
Note: The proposal submission portal is not connected to your AAS membership account. The proposal submission portal and the AAS contact/member database are two separate systems.

3. Save and Return: You may save a partially completed proposal and return to edit the proposal anytime before the proposal deadline by clicking the button below. All information is autosaved when entered; clicking a ‘save’ button is unnecessary on most steps.

Organized Panel Proposal Application Step-by-Step Walkthrough PDF

Roundtable Proposal Application Step-by-Step Walkthrough PDF

Individual Paper Proposal Application Step-by-Step Walkthrough PDF

Workshop Proposal Application Step-by-Step Walkthrough PDF

Lightning Session Proposal Application Step-by-Step Walkthrough PDF

Poster Presentation Application Step-by-Step Walkthrough PDF