Diversity Requirements

Diversity Requirements

Diversity and inclusion are core AAS values. Diversity encourages innovation and creativity and strengthens the community by harnessing a variety of skills, perspectives, talents, and resources to meet new challenges. We ask that session organizers keep these values in mind as they assemble session participants so that our conference will reflect the diversity of our membership. 

In particular, we expect panel submissions to demonstrate:
• Gender and ethnic diversity
• Institutional diversity (no more than 2 participants from the same institution)
• A mix of professional roles (graduate students, junior and senior scholars, adjunct faculty, and other professionals working in areas connected to Asian Studies)

Overall, we would expect to see diversity in gender, ethnicity, and institutional balance with a combination of junior and senior scholars among paper presenters.

Sessions that do not reflect AAS’s commitment to diversity and inclusion will be at a significant disadvantage in the review process and risk being automatically rejected by division chairs or the program committee for not meeting these expectations.

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