Call for Pitches: #AsiaNow Roundtable on Campus Activism and Repression

From Hong Kong to Indonesia to India and beyond, campus activism and issues of academic freedom have made headlines in Asia and around the world over the past twelve months. For both students and faculty, whether they participate in campus movements or not, these events have become a permanent part of their personal histories and experience of university life. The issues that spark such social movements are often locally rooted, but collectively they contribute to a global landscape of conflict and struggle as we head into the third decade of the twenty-first century.

#AsiaNow seeks pitches for a series of posts that grapple with the topics of campus activism, repression, and/or academic freedom. We are not necessarily looking for reports on events that have taken place, though personal accounts will be considered; our primary interest is in providing context for and analysis of those events. Posts can be on any topic related to the overall theme, and might address issues/questions that include

  • The effect of campus activism on intellectual life;
  • Race, class, and/or gender in campus movements;
  • When protest is not possible;
  • How present-day events fit into longer historical arcs or patterns;
  • Links between campus activism in disparate places;
  • The future of the university in contentious times;
  • Institutional and/or government responses to campus activism;
  • Proposed solutions to resolve conflicts.

Please send all pitches, as well as any questions about pitching, to #AsiaNow editor Maura Elizabeth Cunningham, by February 15. Prior to writing your pitch, please read carefully the #AsiaNow Instructions for Contributors. Pitches should be a maximum of 250 words, accompanied by a 100-word author bio. If accepted, a full post of 800-1,500 words would be requested, with a deadline of March 25, 2020.

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