Best of the EAA Archives: November 28, 2017 Edition

The “Best of EAA Articles” are a series of posts that include outstanding articles, essays, interviews, and reviews that are among the over 1,500 archived open access materials available on the Education About Asia website. Titles, short annotations, and links are below.

“Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada: Digital Teaching Resources”(fall 2017) High school and undergraduate survey-level instructors who access the fall 2017 EAA online supplements will find two excellent educational modules (China’s One-Child Policy, The Rise and Fall of the Khmer Rouge Regime) and learn about a prominent not-for-profit organization that focuses upon Canada’s relations with Asia.

“More Than a Meal: School Lunch in Japan” (spring 2017) Alexis Sanborn in this engaging article lucidly depicts how Japanese schools use school lunches as highly effective pedagogical tools.

“Who Did What in a Chinese Lady’s Autobiography? A Text and Lesson Plan on Li Qingzhao’s Ambiguous Narrative” (spring 2017) Historian of China Sarah Schneewind shares a lesson plan in which students interpret primary source excerpts, learn about their historical context, and get a sense of the ambiguity of translations.

“New Perspectives on the Sunzi (Sun Tzu) from Contemporary Chinese Military Writings” (spring 2016) Mark Metcalf’s article is an excellent introduction to a seminal thinker and a thoughtful discussion of how contemporary China’s military officers interpret Sun Tzu’s (Sunzi) ideas.

“Indonesia, Asia, and the World: An Interview with Leonard C. Sebastian (spring 2016) Professor Sebastian creates in an EAA interview a wide-ranging and thoughtful portrait of a nation that is increasingly important geopolitically and significantly affects the global economy.

Best of the EAA Archives Number 4. Read the previous posts in this series.

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