Best of the EAA Archives: Articles from the Winter 2017 Issue

The “Best of EAA Articles” are a series of posts that include outstanding articles, essays, interviews, and reviews that are among the over 1,500 archived open access materials available on the Education About Asia website.

The winter 2017 issue with the special section “Demographics, Social Policy, and Asia (Part I)” has been sent to subscribers and is now available online. Three examples of articles and essays from the special section appear below.

Chris Hudson’sSingapore: Immigration and Changing Public Policies” is an overview of how one of the world’s most successful nations is coping with a low birth rate and recent social tensions that involve longtime residents and newcomers.

Lisa Jane de Gara in the essay “Asia’s Missing Millions: How Policy and Social Pressure Made Millions of Women Disappear” provides a useful introductory overview of government policies, cultural attitudes, and the highly problematic gender gap that is present in some Asian nations.

Paige Tan’sIndonesia Doesn’t Want to Be Number Three” gives readers a general understanding of Indonesia’s demographic complexion and the policies, opportunities, and problems that relate to the size and heterogeneity of the archipelago’s population.

• The issue also features an interview with the 2017 Franklin R. Buchanan prizewinner on her exemplary East Asia introductory text that a variety of different educators, students, and laypeople are enjoying, along with a review of the text by a high school teacher.

An EAA Interview with the 2017 Franklin R. Buchanan Prizewinner, Anne Prescott, for East Asia in the World: An Introduction

East Asia in the World: An Introduction. Reviewed by Stephanie Lee Rizas.

• “Asia in the Core Curriculum” by the late Wm. Theodore de Bary is the first EAA reprint in the journal’s history. The article originally appeared in the 1996 inaugural issue and is still as meaningful as it was almost 22 years ago.

Best of EAA Articles, Number 7. Read the previous posts in this series.

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