Assist-A-Scholar Campaign Donors

The Association for Asian Studies extends its thanks to the following individuals, who have contributed to the Assist-A-Scholar Member Sponsorship Campaign. Funds raised in this campaign will ensure that all Asianists, regardless of socioeconomic or employment status, can be members of the AAS and enjoy equitable access to the benefits of membership.

Anonymous (7)

Margaret Bodemer (in memory of Dr. Binh Nhu)

Yinghong Cheng

Jack Meng-Tat Chia

Frank Conlon

Anne Gerritsen

Chien-Wen Kung

Margot Landman

Peter Lavelle

Elizabeth Miles

Ralph Nicholas

Updated June 1, 2021

Shruti Patel

Jessica Patterson

Dorothy Solinger

Howard Spodek

David Szanton

Kang Tchou (in memory of Ezra Vogel)

Philip Thai

William Tsutsui

Meredith Weiss

Christine Yano

Faizah Zakaria