Assist-A-Scholar Campaign Donors

The Association for Asian Studies extends its thanks to the following individuals, who have contributed to the Assist-A-Scholar Member Sponsorship Campaign. Funds raised in this campaign will ensure that all Asianists, regardless of socioeconomic or employment status, can be members of the AAS and enjoy equitable access to the benefits of membership.

I donated because…

Having myself benefitted from AAS membership throughout the years, I would like to help in some small way to make this opportunity available to others, especially at a time when it’s more critical than ever before to feel connected to others in the field.

Michelle C.Wang

Georgetown University

I donated because…

I can. It was hard to maintain membership when I was a graduate student and just out of college. I want to make it easier for others, now that I can.


Anonymous (28)

Manan Ahmed

Joseph Alter

Beth Arritt

Suzanne Wilson Barnett

Jan C. Berris (in honor and in memory of Rod MacFarquhar)

Jan C. Berris (in honor and in memory of Ezra Vogel)

Kimberly A. Besio

Margaret Bodemer (in memory of Dr. Binh Nhu)

Geoffrey Burkhart

Peter Carroll

Jack Chen

Yinghong Cheng

Jack Meng-Tat Chia

Maggie Meira Chiang, in honor and memory of the late Professor Y.K. Kao

Hyaeweol Choi

Frank Conlon

Hilde De Weerdt

Sarah Elman

Anne Gerritsen

Linda Grove

A. Tom Grunfeld

Yuming He

Yoshikuni Igarashi

Paul R. Katz

Hanmee Kim

Helena Kolenda (in memory of Pauline Kolenda)

Chien-Wen Kung

Margot Landman

Peter Lavelle

Namhee Lee

Updated August 26, 2021

Bryan Lowe

Hy Van Luong

Kevin Madden (in honor of Clark Sorensen)

Margaret Maurer-Fazio

Elizabeth Miles

Lindsay Nelson

Ralph Nicholas

Shruti Patel

Jessica Patterson

Patrick Patterson

Catherine Phipps

Steven Poulos

Cherubim Quizon

Michael Ralston

Thomas Rawski

Laurel Rodd

John Russell

Elora Shehabuddin

Dorothy Solinger

Howard Spodek

Kristin Stapleton

David Szanton

Kang Tchou (in memory of Ezra Vogel)

Philip Thai

Jolyon Thomas

William Tsutsui

Paul Vierthaler

Michelle Wang

Lori Watt

Meredith Weiss

Christine Yano

Faizah Zakaria