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When you advertise in the Education About Asia teaching journal, you will reach the large and diverse group of educators who have found this magazine to be an exciting and highly practical teaching resource. Teachers, scholars, and students from a wide range of disciplines—anthropology, Asian studies, gender studies, geography, history, political science, religion, and sociology, among others—subscribe to Education About Asia. Published three times each year (June, October, and December) since 1996, Education About Asia is the most renowned publication of its kind. Each issue features articles on all areas of Asia, as well as guides to, and reviews of, resources for classroom use. Publishers of books, journals, videos, software, and those offering study programs, workshops, classes, and exhibits on Asia find Education About Asia to be an excellent advertising choice. We offer competitive rates as well as discounts for advertising in three consecutive issues.

Full Page
  • $1,147.50 for three consecutive issues
  • ($382.50/issue)
Half Page
Vertical or Horizontal
  • $931.50 for three consecutive issues ($310.50/issue)
Inner Cover
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  • $1,876.50 for three consecutive issues
  • ($625.50/issue)

Approximately 500 subscribers


MARCH 12 (Spring Issue, reaches members late-June)

AUGUST 20 (Fall issue, reaches members late-October)

OCTOBER 15 (Winter issue, reaches members mid-December)

File Specifications
PlacementWidth (inches)Height (inches)
Inner Cover (Front or Back)8.667″ (with Full Bleed)
8.5″ (Trim Size)
7.75″ (Live Area)
11.333″ (with Full Bleed)
11″ (Trim Size)
10″ (Live Area)
Full Page8.75″ (with Full Bleed)
7.75″ (without Bleed)
11.25″ (with Full Bleed)
10″ (without Bleed)
Half Page (Vertical)3.75″9.75″
Half Page (Horizontal) 7.75″3.75″
Quarter Page3.75″4.5″

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Prior to printing or distributing advertising material of third-party advertising client materials, we review the content, websites, and credibility. AAS advertising services are primarily available for accredited institutions and programs.

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