E-Flyer Advertising

Reach thousands of AAS members conveniently through a dedicated E-Flyer designed by you.

Eflyer Ad
A dedicated email, designed by you, and sent to AAS members
  • Personalize message with your own design
  • Schedule a date of distribution in line with your promotion
  • Drive traffic to your site with call-to-action links



Current AAS members at the date of distribution (over 6,000 recipients)

38+% Open Rate (20% more than the average open rate for general Advertising & Marketing emails nationwide-according to MailChimp analysis)

The AAS will not share email addresses of e-flyer recipients at any time.

Distribution Date

Desired date of e-flyer must be included with order.

The e-flyer will be sent only once on the date selected.

The AAS e-flyer advertising service is on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to the limited amount of available e-flyer dates, AAS reserves the right to limit the amount and frequency of e-flyers reserved by the same advertiser.


A HTML file or a text file with the HTML coding. A PDF file will not be accepted. Maximum width is 650 pixels.

Please DO NOT forward your e-flyer or embed it in the body of the email to AAS, as this will result in formatting problems; HTML written code must be sent in a separate Word document.


The HTML file is due one week prior to the confirmed distribution date.


How to Reserve a Date

To reserve a distribution date, please click this link to view available distribution dates.

How to Process Payment

An invoice will be sent at the time of reservation after completing the form and payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date, and no later than one week prior to the scheduled distribution date.

How to Set-Up the Eflyer

Once payment has been processed, your e-flyer will be setup according to the completed reservation form. If not attached to the form, please email the required HTML-coded file to ads@asianstudies.org.

The sent-from email address will need to be verified by our email marketing software. An AAS staff member will personally contact you and offer assistance in setting this up.

Once the e-flyer setup has been completed, a test e-flyer email will be sent for your approval.

What happens on the distribution day and thereafter?

The approved e-flyer will be distributed on the scheduled distribution date. The advertiser will be cc’ed on the promotional email.

Your e-flyer statistics will be provided upon request



All messages are subject to approval by the AAS.

ADVERTISING TERMS & CONDITIONS: We reserve the right to reject, approve, or remove any advertising that is damaging to the Association for Asian Studies or deemed inappropriate for the AAS community network. Third-party advertising distributed by the AAS on half of the third-party advertisers is not an endorsement of AAS.

Prior to printing or distributing advertising material of third-party advertising clients, we review the content, websites, and credibility. AAS advertising services are primarily available for accredited institutions and programs.

The distribution of messages to AAS members and/or subscribers does not constitute endorsement or approval of goods and services by the AAS. An AAS disclaimer, an opt-out option, and other AAS information will be included in the footer.

AAS is not responsible for the response rate from the e-flyer campaign and no refunds will be available after payment has been made and the e-flyer has been sent.

To reserve or for more information, please email ads@asianstudies.org