Add These AAS 2023 Late-Breaking Sessions to Your Conference Schedule

A session at the AAS 2022 Annual Conference

Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal for our AAS 2023 Annual Conference Late-Breaking Sessions. The selection committee had some difficult decisions to make, and has chosen six sessions—three that will be presented on February 18 as part of the virtual conference, and three that will take place at the March 16-19 in-person conference in Boston.

The six Late-Breaking Sessions are:


“Gender and the Politics of Family: New Laws Reshaping Divorce, Remarriage, and Custody in Japan”

“Indonesia’s New Criminal Code: Decolonizing the Law of Undermining Democracy”

“The Rise of Anti-Feminist Backlash and Gender Politics in South Korea”


“Ethnographers in the Field: Trauma, Community-Building, and Resilience”

“How Far will the United States’ Tech War on China Go?: The Implications of Biden’s Emerging China Technology Policy”

“Civic Engagement: Public Health Responses, Material and Digital Spaces, and Politics During the COVID-19 Pandemic in China”

Use the links above to view full details, including the session abstracts and participants, and to add the sessions to your conference schedule through the AAS 2023 online program.