Hamako Ito Chaplin Memorial Award

Chaplin Memorial Award for Excellence in Japanese Language Teaching

2021 Call for Nominations

The Hamako Ito Chaplin Memorial Award will again be conferred in 2021, administered through the Association for Asian Studies. In accordance with the wishes of the Chaplin family, each year a prize of $1,000 will be awarded to either a current graduate student or a full-time instructor of Japanese for excellence in Japanese language teaching at the college-level. A full-time instructor who has completed graduate study within the last 3 years in an area that directly involves Japanese language teaching is eligible to apply. Possible academic fields of specialization are Japanese language pedagogy, linguistics, anthropology, or literature. Current graduate students must demonstrate their intention to enter the teaching field in a North American university. Professor Michiko Kaneyasu (Old Dominion University) serves as Chair of the Selection Committee, Professor Joan Ericson (Colorado College) serves as representative of the Northeast Asia Council of AAS for the committee, and Professor George Chaplin serves ex-officio.

The 2021 nomination period closed on January 29, 2021, and the award winner will be announced at the AAS #AsiaNow blog later in the year. Please contact mkaneyas@odu.edu with any questions or concerns.

Persons interested in contributing to the award fund should send their contributions to:

The Hamako Ito Chaplin Memorial Award, c/o Association for Asian Studies, 825 Victors Way, Suite 310, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108.

2020 Award

The selection committee is pleased to announce that the 2020 Hamako Ito Chaplin Memorial Award will be jointly conferred to Ms. Yoko Hori (Instructor of Japanese, University of Arkansas) and Mr. Shunichi Maruyama (Ph.D. student, The Ohio State University). Ms. Hori has been playing a key role in the growth of the Japanese program at her university. Her excellent teaching ability and co-curricular efforts have led to enrollment boost and student retention in the past three years. Mr. Maruyama specializes in Japanese pedagogy and his current research focuses on narration in Japanese spoken language. He has clearly demonstrated a passion for pursuit of teaching excellence by proactively contributing to team-teaching projects, and by taking on leadership roles in organizing student-centered extra-curricular activities. The selection committee feels confident that both recipients have great promise and will make important contributions to the field of Japanese pedagogy in the coming years.

Past Awards

2001: Misumi Sadler, Leo Shing-chi Yip

2002: Hiroaki Kawamura

2004: Matthew Burdelski

2005: Masako Inamoto

2006: Eiko Ushida

2007: Priya Ananth

2008: Miki Kashima

2009: Scott Alexander Lineberger

2010: Margaret Camp

2011: Wakana Maekawa

2012: Erika Hirano-Cook

2013: Stephen Luft, Kanako Yao

2014: Michiko Kaneyasu

2015: Karen Curtin

2016: Shinichi Shoji, Shinsuke Tsuchiya

2017: Junko Tokuda Simpson

2018: Jae Takeuchi, Yumiko Tashiro

2019: Kasumi Yamazaki