East and Inner Asia Council (EIAC)

Formerly the China & Inner Asia Council (1970-2022). At its March 2022 meeting, the AAS Board of Directors approved the following motion:

The name of the CIAC is unique among the association’s four area councils in that its label centers on one particular country. The names of the various councils are intended to encompass the variety of fields in them. Some scholars in the CIAC have felt that highlighting one modern country’s name in the council title misrepresents the diversity of the areas and time periods that they study and marginalizes their work. In order to redress these concerns, we propose changing the name of the “China and Inner Asia Council” (CIAC) to the “East and Inner Asia Council” (EIAC).

EIAC Members

  • Janet Theiss, University of Utah, History (Chair) (2022-2025)
  • Hilde De Weerdt, Leiden University, History (2022-2025)
  • Stephen Platt, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, History (2022-2025)
  • Ho-Fung Hung, Johns Hopkins University, Sociology (2023-2026)
  • Tansen Sen, New York University Shanghai, History (2023-2026)
  • Emily Wilcox, William & Mary, Asian Studies (2023-2026)
  • Dora Ching, Princeton University, Art History (2024-2027)
  • Madeline Hsu, University of Maryland, College Park, History (2024-2027)
  • Kellee Tsai, Northeaster University, Political Science (2024-2027)

EIAC Committee


Book Prizes

EIAC Prize for Best Graduate Student Paper

EIAC recognizes outstanding scholarship presented at the AAS Annual Conference with the EIAC Prize for Best Graduate Student Paper.