AAS Books Now Distributed by Columbia University Press

The AAS is proud to announce its new partnership with Columbia University Press. AAS books will now be distributed worldwide by Columbia University Press.

We have been exploring ways in which we can better serve our members and the profession. Our mission has always been to run a sustainable publishing program and to serve the academy by providing high quality educational and scholarly resources at a reasonable price. Joining Columbia’s extensive sales and marketing program worldwide will help us in this mission by providing AAS books with much broader reach in terms of visibility and impact.

Asian Studies is one of the core publishing areas for Columbia. Former AAS President and renowned scholar, Wm. Theodore de Bary—in whose honor, along with Ainslie Embree, the AAS Fund for Education and Outreach was named—edited four influential anthologies published by the Press: Sources of Indian Tradition, Sources of Japanese Tradition, Sources of Chinese Tradition, and Sources of Korean Tradition (joined more recently by Sources of Vietnamese Tradition and Sources of Tibetan Tradition). Columbia has also published dozens of standard-setting translations: from Donald Keene’s translation of Four Major Plays of Chikamatsu to The Art of War: Sun Zi’s Military Methods, translated by Victor Mair.

AAS books advance important original research on Asia, bring leading scholarship to audiences beyond the academy, and support teaching and learning in Asian Studies. AAS publishes three book series, which will appeal to scholars, to teachers at all levels, as well as to anyone with an interest in Asia:

  • ASIA SHORTS offers concise, engagingly-written titles written by highly-qualified authors on topics of significance in Asian Studies. Topics are intended to be substantive, generate discussion and debate within the field, and attract interest beyond it.
  • KEY ISSUES IN ASIAN STUDIES offers vital educational materials that are both accessible and affordable for classroom use. Key Issues books tackle broad subjects or major cultural and historical themes in an introductory but compelling, jargon-free style appropriate for survey courses, written to encourage classroom debate and discussion.
  • ASIA PAST & PRESENT is the AAS scholarly monograph series, featuring titles from all disciplines and all areas of Asia.

AAS MEMBERS receive a 20% discount on all AAS and Columbia University Press titles by using the code AASMEMBER at checkout.

If you have questions, please contact AAS Publications Manager, Jonathan Wilson, at jwilson@asianstudies.org.