AAS 2023 Call for Nominations

The Association for Asian Studies welcomes nominations and self-nominations of candidates for our Fall 2023 elections. All nominations must be submitted by completing this online form no later than Friday, February 24.

Nominees should be current AAS members (or must become members if selected to appear on the election ballot) who wish to contribute to the Association and the field of Asian Studies through participation in AAS governance. Positions to be filled in the Fall 2023 AAS elections are three members each in the four Area Councils (East & Inner Asia, Northeast Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia) and two members of the Diversity and Equity Committee (one Asian Studies professional [faculty, researchers, librarians, or other] and one graduate student).

Terms of service vary by position: three years for members of all Area Councils and faculty on the Diversity and Equity Committee and one year for the graduate student member of the Diversity and Equity Committee. All AAS governing bodies meet in person at the Annual Conference, hold several additional meetings online throughout the year, and remain in frequent communication via email and the AAS Community Forum. As the workload varies by council/committee, depending on specific programs and initiatives overseen by each, we recommend contacting a current member of AAS governance to discuss the time commitment and responsibilities involved.

All nominations will be reviewed by the appropriate council/committee, which will in turn set its slate of candidates for the Fall 2023 elections. Council/committee meetings will take place during the AAS 2023 Annual Conference in Boston, Massachusetts (March 16-19) and nominees will be announced in Summer 2022. Nomination does not guarantee appearance on the final electoral ballot.

If you are nominating a colleague, please check with them to ensure they have time and interest in participating in AAS governance over the next 1-3 years. (We will also verify that all nominees are willing to stand for election prior to proceeding.)

Questions or issues with the online form? Please contact webmaster@asianstudies.org for assistance.

Thank you for your support of the AAS!