AAS 2018 Election Results

The fall 2018 AAS elections have concluded, and we are pleased to provide the results in each category. Although the national mid-term elections no doubt occupied most members’ attentions, the fall AAS election also has concluded, and we are happy to provide the results in each category. A total of 1,959 votes were cast, representing about 29% of the membership, slightly down from last year’s record 32% participation. Newly elected representatives will take office immediately after the upcoming annual conference in Denver next March. 

We congratulate the winners and thank all candidates for their willingness to serve the association. We also thank all members who participated in the electoral process, both national and organizational, especially in a political climate that is so polarized and dysfunctional.

Current Vice President Prasenjit Duara (Duke University) will move into the presidency.

Vice President
Christine Yano (University of Hawaii)

AAS China and Inner Asia Council (CIAC)
Joanne Smith Finley (Newcastle University, UK)
Janet Gyatso (Harvard University)
Patricia Thornton (Oxford University, UK)

AAS Northeast Asia Council (NEAC)
Joan Ericson (Colorado College)
Charles Kim (University of Wisconsin)
Marcia Yonemoto (University of Colorado)

AAS South Asia Council (SAC)
Mona Bhan (DePauw University)
Elora Shehabuddin (Rice University)
Megan Adamson Sijapati (Gettysburg College)

AAS Southeast Asia Council (SEAC)
Chiara Formichi (Cornell University)
Richard Fox (University of Victoria)
Eric Thompson (National University of Singapore)

AAS Council of Conferences (COC)

Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast
Keiko Hirata (California State University-Northridge)

New England Conference
Matthew Fraleigh (Brandeis University)

Note: only two regionals were electing this year due to previous tie vote.